Watching the sunrise and birds

The past few days I’ve been treated to glorious sunrises, sunsets and a bounty of birds. I bought a bird feeder a few weeks ago and I’m delighted sitting at my desk glancing out the window. I got carried away and not only filled the bird feeder until it was overflowing, but I threw out cups of bird seed on the ground, too. That was for the quail who run through the fence. Yesterday we were visited by a huge roadrunner, a woodpecker and a bright red cardinal.


red cardinal on bird feeder

A brilliant red cardinal visited yesterday.

I was busy taking pictures of the cardinal when another visitor wooshed  onto the scene, forcing all the friendly birds to flee.


Hawk on fence

This giant landed on the fence before swooping through the yard to the rooftop.

The wildlife here at my new home can be intimidating. I’m terrified the cat will get out and everyone from realtors to friends have said cats last less than an hour outside. We even spotted bobcat tracks in our front yard after a rainy night.

Hawk on the roof

This was one of two hawks who scared away my birds.

My son works for a startup in San Francisco called Backerkit. I took this slogan off their website to explain what they do:

“We build software to help crowdfunding backers and creators connect, support each other, and get the most out of every campaign.”

My son said there’s a new product coming out that uses AI to identify birds. I’ll be first on the list when the product launches. So far, I’m going the old fashioned way with a bird book. Right now there are all these little boring brown birds in the yard, and I have no clue what they are.

Red sky sunrise

A wonder of a sunrise to start off a new month.


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  1. We spend our winters on the north side of Phoenix, and there are several stray cats that roam the park. So some do survive for years. They are probably wise to their predictors.

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