Looking Forward to Our First Regatta

IMG_0292My son took up rowing a while ago. He rows with the East Bay Rowing Club and enjoys it immensely. He recently had his first “regatta” which is what they call a meet in rowing lingo. After years and years as a swim mom, I am learning a whole new language that goes with a new sport.

We really wanted to come watch his first regatta in the Bay Area, but he was adamant that we not come and cheer him on.

He has a regatta coming up in So Cal and I asked again if we could come. It’s only a short drive for us.

“Oy vey!” was his answer followed by “I guess so.”

“Really? It’s okay? We get to watch?” I asked.

“Oy vey,” followed with a groan. “But you aren’t allowed to cheer OR talk to anybody!”

I’m laughing so hard. What does he think we’ll do? Run along the beach yelling and cheering for him? I guess that is a distinct possibility. After all that’s what we did at my daughter’s open water swims. He’s on a team of all adults, it’s not a child’s sport. My bet is that we will be the only parents there! I guess that’s kind of embarrassing in itself.robert

Will there ever be a day where our kids won’t be embarrassed of us?

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Our First Regatta

  1. I love when parents and families continue to show support for their adult children’s sports. Tell your son he’s lucky to have parents that love and support him and go cheer your heart out!

  2. While we can curb our enthusiasm to a reasonable level, what a poorer place the world would be without parents who continue to cheer their children on whether it be in sports or just in the lives they are creating for themselves!

    • Thank you, Jan. We told Robert we’d try our best to behave! I love the fact you and Paul were there to observe their swimming careers through the years.

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