What your star sign says about your parenting style


With my kiddos.

Do you think horoscopes have any effect on how you act as a parent? According to “What your star sign says about your parenting style” by By Robyn Darbyshire in the Mirror, she said they do. I thought, I’m game. I want to see what my horoscope says about me. Also, what my husband’s sign says about him as a parent. I found both of them to be pretty true to our personalities. You can click on the links in her story to a website called Babycentre and read how your star sign interacts with your children’s signs, too.

Whether you think horoscopes are real or not – our personalities have a profound impact on our parenting styles. Whether you take horoscopes seriously or with a pinch of salt, they can be a lot of fun and get us thinking about the character traits we possess.

The fact is, our personalities have a huge impact on our approach to parenting – and the more we understand about ourselves, the more self-aware we are in our relationships and as mums and dads.

Babycentre has put together a guide that reveals what your star sign says about your personality as a parent – with some helpful tips on parenting styles

I’m a Pisces, and I think I fit the character traits pretty well. I like to with the flow, I like pursuing creative interests and I avoid confrontations. Here’s what the article says about being a Pisces parent:


Pisces parents are incredibly nurturing, compassionate and in tune with their children’s needs.

They will teach your children the importance of dreams, of letting their minds wander, of tapping into their intuition, of trusting their perceptions.

Advice for this star sign? Keep their feet on the ground to help kids with more practical problems.


My husband is your basic A-type male.  Ambitious, determined, and practical are said to be traits of Capricorn males. They’re also hard-working and honest, which pretty much describes my husband, too. Here’s what the Mirror article said about his parenting style:


The Capricorn personality is typically associated with hard-work and graft – which makes them dutiful providers and sets a great example.

There are a lot of practical skills Capricorn parents can give to their kids, such as educating them about money, reliability and promise keeping.

Babycentre advises this star sign to try “lighten up” and be more spontaneous with the little ones, as they’ll really appreciate it.

I found this fascinating and fun, although I fall into the category of not relying or believing that much about Horoscopes. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated by Horoscopes and read mine daily in the newspaper.

robkatrockWhat are your thoughts about Horoscopes and your parenting style? If you looked your up, did you find it fits your personality?

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