Have you ever had a gray day?



My backyard is gray today.


I’m having a bit of a gray day today. Yesterday was my first full workday home in two weeks and I was filled with energy and enthusiasm. Today, not so much. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s decidedly gray out there. And raining!

We had two leaks on opposite sides of the house. One in our bedroom closet and the other in my daughter’s room. The repairs were done less than a month ago. This is our first rain since, and I’m not happy to report that I’m waiting for the roofer to return to fix the once again leak in my closet! We just had the closet replastered and painted, and now that will need to be done again. I have yet to get my stuff back in there. And I’m desperate to do so. The good news is that the roof repair in my daughter’s (empty) bedroom is holding.

Combine the gray, the rain, the leaks, and my not hearing back from the orthopedic surgeon to find out when he can see me—and I guess my gray day is one of frustration.

I’ve read in the news that five people have died from this rainstorm in Montecito. Montecito is a magical town adjacent to Santa Barbara. It’s where the gorgeous old Spanish mansions are with long winding driveways. It’s where celebrities live like Oprah and Ellen. But because of the Thomas fire, and now the deluge of rain, hills of mud are sliding through the town wiping out houses and causing deaths. You can read the Los Angeles Times report on the mudslides and flooding here. The freeway is closed, people are stranded, and hey, I don’t have it so bad, after all! Prayers to everyone affected by the fire and rains.IMG_0039

What do you do to lift your spirits during a gray day?

7 thoughts on “Have you ever had a gray day?

  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    Hope you’ll have a bright day today for a change! May I ask for your thoughts about my daughter’s swim coach’s reaction? My daughter is in a swim team and she switched to the team she is now last 2016 because she was getting sick to the pool water in her previous team. After a few sessions in her new swim club, I e-mailed her coach to ask questions about the training being done. Her response sounded defensive and she said “let coaches be coaches.” So I shut my mouth since, but last Monday, 1/8/, I wanted to find out/understand mainly why my daughter is being left behind in her lane. Meaning kids who swim behind her have been transferred to the better lanes. Then she replied – her e-mail “sounded” defensive again and called me for being judgemental and told me to start looking for another team for my daughter. She told me that obviously she and I have different philosophies. I didn’t even know that I have a philosophy in swimming, and she certainly did not tell me what hers is. Until now I’m still stupefied by this experience. I don’t know how to deal with this, so maybe/hoping that you have some thoughts/insights about my daughter’s coach. My daughter wants me to stay during her swim sessions because she wants me to help her in technique. Thank you for lending me your “ears” and for your advise.

    • Thank you for good wishes!

      As for your daughter’s coach, I really don’t know where your coach is coming from. Maybe because your daughter is new to the team she is being kept in a certain lane. It’s too bad the coach isn’t a little more open to communication. I think communication is key to understanding what is going on. If I were you, I’d sit back and be patient since reaching out to the coach didn’t work. Just watch and observe and see if your daughter is enjoying swimming. I wouldn’t worry too much about the lanes or where your daughter is placed. How old is she? How long has she been swimming?

    • I have a few more thoughts. I wonder why the coach is defensive? Either she’s very poor at communication, or she has you pegged as a “problem parent.” That can happen, when you want information, but the coach sees it as interference or helicopter parenting. I see the ball in your court to go out of your way to not be the parent the coach sees you as. Be in the background and not ask questions for a while. Make sure your child isn’t paying attention to you during practices and if you’re helping with technique, don’t do it in front of the coach or at the pool. After some time passes, the coach will hopefully begin to trust you and you may develop a good relationship. My husband is super interested in swimming and a similar thing happened to him. We too, were told “to find a new team.” The coach now understands that my husband is very passionate about swimming and curious. He just wants all the information available.

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