Cat tales and change

Olive in Palm Springs, hanging out by our pool, enjoying indoor/outdoor life.

Life is full of change. Look at Olive, our 11-year-old cat, who was able to roam free in Palm Springs since kittenhood and now is captive inside our house.

I was worried about how she would adjust. But with only two escapes outside in two-and-a-half years and frantic rushes back inside the house, I’d say she likes it inside. My daughter said that maybe she was always meant to be an indoor cat.

Olive’s baby picture when we first brought her home from the animal shelter.

I think Olive sensed danger when she escaped to our wild nature-filled yard.

This past weekend, I was taking out recycling. We have an enclosure for our trash and recycling bins with walls and a gate. When I opened the gate, I came eyeball to eyeball within inches of another cat who was standing on the wall.

I didn’t have my phone with me so no picture, but it was a teenage bobcat with blackish spots on a dark blonde coat. I turned and ran and glanced back to see the bobcat hightailing in the opposite direction. I looked at our video from the night before and found a few seconds of a bobcat walking by. But I’m afraid I’ve scared off the cat for the near future.

This is a photo taken by my SIL of our regular bobcat visitor. I think the one I saw a few days ago might be one of her kits.

“Change is the only constant in life.

Ones ability to adapt to those changes

will determine your success in life.”

–Benjamin Franklin

Here’s a video of Olive’s new indoor life. She seems to enjoy it!

Olive and quail.

What are your thoughts about change and life? What major changes are you going through now or have in the past?

35 thoughts on “Cat tales and change

  1. OMG, Olive has quail friends! People are having a really hard time with bears here. The folks who live north a bit and nearer to the foothills are constantly having bears in the yard foraging. Maybe the news outlets are just showing them more lately or maybe they really are having a harder time finding food as their territory shrinks. I hope your bobcat chooses to move on permanently.

    • I had so much fun watching Olive with her quails! I would hate to have bears. That’s one animal that really scares me. As for the bobcat, the previous owners disclosed her on the paperwork when we bought the house. The home inspector found bones on the roof. We called a wildlife division and other than trapping and moving the bobcat away, there’s nothing to do. They have a large territory of miles and will come back. Now I just enjoy our bobcat sightings.

  2. Every day is new and therefore a change. I’ve been dealing with ailing for parents, so it’s strange to be in the caregiver role

  3. I love the wildlife in your area! You must be careful when you walk early in the morning. The healthier the body and the mind is along with support, the easier it is to handle change. “To the sound of change,” we hear but sometimes we can’t verbalize, only dance as fast as we can at each age.

    • I never walk outside in the dark. The only wildlife we see in early mornings are bunnies. I like this: “To the sound of change,” we hear but sometimes we can’t verbalize, only dance as fast as we can at each age.

  4. Oh, dear sweet Olive. Her baby picture gives me life this afternoon. Such a beauty. I like that she’s an indoor cat at this point…safer, safer, safer! Your bobcat adventure is keeping you on your toes…I think that’s the thing I’m remembering about change and life…it’s rarely what I expect and sometimes that’s a good thing. 😉 A reminder to be aware, be safe, but also keep my eyes open for natural wonders – even if they’re a little scary. Thanks, Elizabeth!

  5. I’m glad Olive has adjusted well to indoor life. Much safer for her and for the wildlife. My last cat was an outdoor cat and he almost became bobcat lunch one day. A guest happened to see out our window what was about to happen and my husband ran out and scared the bobcat away. We get bears here sometimes, which is not a thrill.

    No major changes here right now. Thank goodness.

    • My neighbors told me when we moved here that Olive wouldn’t last an hour outside. We didn’t have wildlife at our old house and had a big wall around our yard. She wasn’t adventurous and stayed close to the house but liked to lay on the lawn. She seems so content to watch birds and bunnies through the window now. How scary your cat had a run in with a bobcat! I’m not a bear fan at all!

  6. Wow – that video of Olive is delightful. She seems interested but so laid back about it. I’m with Brian, she doesn’t seem stressed at all.

    You know when we go to the doctor for a shot or a blood draw (or take our kids) and the tighter the muscles are, the more painful it is? I sometimes think that my reaction to change is like that. If I can loosen up, it’s not so bad. But if I tense all over – sheesh!

    I’m glad your bobcat is scared of humans. Pretty creature though!

    • Olive thinks by getting low to the ground and staying still, she’s invisible. She spent at least 20 minutes with the quail.

      I agree with you about not tensing up! You reminded me of taking my young son for allergy shots for years! Yes, change is easier if we can relax and breathe!

      • I’m not sure the quail saw Olive or understood what she was. There’s a reflective coating on the outside of the glass. The quail could have been pecking at their reflections, thinking it was other birds. Or, maybe they could see Olive and were harassing her! I have stood that close to the window to see what is visible. But I’m going to take a look!

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