The Letter N

I’ve been having a few quirky issues with WordPress.

I’ll comment on someone’s post and I can’t type the letter n. All the other letters work, but not n. It’s beyond frustrating.

My work around is to quit WordPress. Quit my browser and start over.

Another quirk is people I follow no longer show up in my “reader.” It may be weeks or days before I notice. It’s “out of sight, out of mind.” Then I’ll think to myself, whatever happened to that lovely blog I used to read? I type in the name and up it pops. I’m still following it, but it doesn’t always show up.

One day my stats disappeared. I don’t spend much time on stats, but from time to time I like to know if my engagement is up or my readership is growing. I reached out to WordPress and they were able to reload them for me. I will say that WordPress has a good support team.

Is anyone else having trouble with the letter “N?” What other quirky issues have you had? How often do you check your stats and insights?

37 thoughts on “The Letter N

  1. No! I am blogging from my phone on Jetpack app and thankfully haven’t had any issues YET! Can’t say what will happen tomorrow 😅

  2. I have reader issues as well lately EA. New posts will pop up in the list and then later when I go back to read some will have disappeared from the list. I thought I was hallucinating a few times! Later they’re back in the list. I never know who I’m missing anymore. But this is WP and they are not consistent anymore- which is one more reason I won’t pay to write here 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. How wacky – about the letter ‘n’. I have noticed some issues with the Reader, too — where posts disappear from folks I’m following and I don’t know why and then I need to do some excavation to find them and they’re wildly out of order, chronologically. Good to hear that the support team was helpful. And…Happy Anniversary! 🥰

  4. The letter “N” – geez, that completely takes away nincompoop, no, nothing, needless and so many other great words. I’m sorry this is plaguing you. I haven’t had the problem but I blog/read primary from the web app. I agree though – WP does have people that are pretty helpful. Thank goodness for that.

    Hope your “n” is resolved soon!

  5. My “N” A OK. Insight I never look at and Stats I review on Mondays, just to see what was driving viewership that week. Also I look to see where they came form. Not long ago I have +200 viewers from Facebook. I do not share with any social media platform – WTH!

  6. Congratulations. It’s quite an accomplishment to keep blogging for 9 years. Yay you! My ‘N’ works, but I sometimes cannot end a sentence with an ‘!’ then put an emoji after it. I don’t use emojis often but when I do it is annoying.

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary! Nine years! That’s amazing. The biggest problem I have with Word Press is my comments often go to spam on new blogs I want to explore and I have no way of notifying the blogger that I commented but it went to their spam. Frustrating! I also have to search sometimes for my favorite bloggers. I’ve never figured that out! Hugs, C

    • Thanks! I forget to check spam very often and I’ll find somebody new with a comment stuck there. I don’t like having to search for bloggers I follow and read all the time, either.

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