Talk about weather!

Yes, they had an avalanche in Palm Springs. I’m not kidding. My daughter texted me this photo yesterday from a Twitter Account called Coachella Valley: An Insider’s Guide.

Here’s a LINK to their website.

We lived in our Palm Springs home for 28 years. Both my kids were born at a hospital a few blocks away. We had a spectacular view of Mt. San Jacinto from our backyard. Only one time did we see snow reach the valley floor. It was during a swim meet our team hosted for Southern California Swimming. It was raining at the pool, while at the base of Mt. San Jacinto it snowed.

I’ve been whining about the cold weather in our new home by Carefree, AZ. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, we may get snow tonight but no avalanches! At least not here. I think I’ll stay away from Flagstaff though!

View of Mt. San Jacinto from our old backyard.

This was our view of Mt. San Jacinto from out backyard when we lived in Palm Springs. Mt. San Jacinto is home to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Is anyone else getting hit by this current winter storm? What’s your weather like?

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  1. What a difference in those photos! I just saw that news story as well. It’s hard for me, living near Mt Rainier to imagine seeing mountains without snow but yes, CA would find it pretty weird I suspect given the elevations that are now covered!

  2. Oh my goodness…that tramway was our favorite destination whenever we were in Palm Springs. My parents liked to spend holidays – especially Christmas and New Years in a rented condo nearby. I cannot believe the photo! Thanks for sharing…I have so many memories of that area.
    Around Chicago we’re expecting a substantial snowfall in next 24 hours…we shall see…weather here has been weirdly warm. 😉

    • Christmas in Palm Springs is ideal! We rented a house in our old neighborhood this past Christmas for the family. It was 75 to 80 degrees every day. We had two inches of snow in Scottsdale last night!

  3. It’s been a crazy year, we’ve had more snow in Southern California than my daughter has had in New York City. In fact, our beach up at the lake was covered with snow. It’s good news because most of our reservoirs have recovered. Hugs, C

    • We woke up with two inches of snow in Scottsdale! I saw photos of beaches covered in snow in So Cal, but not sure which beach it was. That’s good for the drought! My kids live in Berkeley and said they had snow in the foothills.

  4. Well that’s incredible! My husband asked me what I thought of the avalanche danger in the high country. I replied that I’m concerned about the avalanche danger at our house.😁 Actually, we have some rather deep snow in places and unbonded layers that would be unstable. But no avalanches.

    • That would be scary to have avalanche danger at your house! At least the Tram in Palm Springs is isolated from any homes. I do worry about visitors and hikers, though.

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