Am I worth it?

Triple milled soap from Italy.

Our good friends, who live at the beach, returned from a trip to Italy right before our beach vacation.

I didn’t expect my friend to bring me something from Italy, but she did. She brought me hand soap that has a rich rose scent. I thought that was so thoughtful. I wouldn’t think to do that, especially trying to get gifts into my suitcase.

The soap has been sitting in it’s lovely wrapper for weeks on my bathroom counter.

I thought about putting it in the guest bathroom where guests could use it. My mom always had special soaps in our guest bathroom — carved little blue roses or scented soaps.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t my friend want me to enjoy it? My other thought was that it’s too nice to use at my own sink daily to wash my hands. It definitely belongs in the guest bath.

Also, I don’t have a soap dish to hold it. it’s a large block of soap.

A quick trip to Target solved that issue. Now I’m luxuriating in the wonderful feel and scent of rose soap imported from Italy and I think of my friend — every time I wash my hands.

Why do we have nice things for guests, but don’t feel like we should use them ourselves?

14 thoughts on “Am I worth it?

  1. Truth- I always feel odd when in the bathroom as a guest and encounter those pretty, sculpted soaps. Are they there for my use? I don’t see any other soap available but… especially if they look like they’ve never been used! It would be easier to decide if there was a tiny bit of soap bubble residue on the dish ๐Ÿ˜‰ I say use your gift for yourself and enjoy it immensely!

  2. I think this mindset has been cultivated in our minds. Itโ€™s time we changed it and use and enjoy the good things, instead of trying to impress our guests/visitors with them. Probably they wonโ€™t even notice them.

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