Life at the beach

Another foggy day at the beach.

People who live here year-round complain it’s been too cold this summer. We’ve had foggy days with small slivers of sunshine peeking through. On some days there’s no sunshine.

That is fine by me. I’m loving the cool weather for beach walks. It’s such a contrast to our desert life. Also, the tiny house doesn’t have AC, so it’s better to have cool weather than hot.

I read in the news that Interstate 10 washed out near the border of Arizona and California. We missed wild weather.

I’m hoping the road will be fixed before we drive home. The alternate routes are hours longer! Plus one alternate route closed due to downed power poles and lines.

Maybe we’ll be stuck here at the beach in the tiny town of Summerland.

What has your August weather been like? Is it unusual or more of the same?

We watched a pod of dolphins playing during our afternoon walk.

18 thoughts on “Life at the beach

  1. I’ve found that summer doesn’t always have to be spectacular and sunny, hot days. You need a break now and then. At least that’s from a Washington perspective!

  2. I’ve enjoyed the cooler summer too. When I was young and stupid, a summer day without sun meant no tanning. Now, I welcome the cloud cover and breezes. We don’t have AC and haven’t missed it at all this year. Since it usually heats up in September and into October, we aren’t out of the woods yet, but fingers crossed. Good luck on your journey home, that washout was pretty amazing.

    • Thank you for the well wishes on our drive home. I learned today that the 10 has reopened. I used to try to tan in WA state when I was young. Now I get brown walking out the door.

  3. It appears to be getting cooler which is good because sometime my ac in classroom stops at 76 degrees which is so hot for a class. I think it will get cooler soon, here is hoping for hurricane season and rains to continue.

    • I never understood why our Palm Springs schools switched schedules and started school in early August. It’s in the mid to high teens! Must be miserable in class even with AC.

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