About those COVID tests

I saw this rainbow on my morning walk yesterday.

I want to take a COVID test. I don’t have terrible symptoms, I just don’t feel great. I’ve stayed away from my husband for a week. His symptoms are gone except for a cough. I’d like to know if I’ve got a mild case of COVID, or if I’ve got a cold or flu. Maybe it’s nothing. But I’d like to know.

Here’s the problem. I ordered the tests from the government. I’ve heard they will ship in 12 days? I looked at Amazon and the only test that I can get before February — costs $89.

I’ve looked online for COVID testing at CVS and everywhere within 20 miles of me. There are no appointments available for a week.

So what do I do?

Rest, eat my chicken soup, take handfuls of vitamins and wait.


Have you tried to get a COVID test at a pharmacy, doctor’s office or one delivered to your home? Are you finding them unavailable too? Or were you able to get tested right away?

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  1. Poor a glass of red wine and sniff it. Then taste it. If you can smell it and taste it, then the chances are you are all good, and even if that is not fail safe, who cares, you just had a glass of wine.

  2. If you think you have it just stay home for five days. Hot baths. Cold meds if you have them. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Did I mention to hydrate? Sleep. Don’t stress about whether you have it. Assume you do and rest. On another note, 3 today.

  3. They are hard to find! My daughter stumbled on some and bought them in case my other daughter needed to take one before some traveling she needed to do. We had no idea what a goldmine it was! When we needed more, my daughter went to some group on Facebook and told me that “5 minutes ago there were some at such and such store”. I got in the car and went. By the time I got there, there were only 15 boxes left. I got a test for everyone in my family, but I didn’t use mine because work needed (and paid for) a clinical one. I could overnight it to you? If you want me to, email me your address. Mamalavasbackporch@gmail.com

  4. I wouldn’t be concerned about a test. If you have it, your husband already has it. As a result, you can’t infect him.

    When my youngest had Covid, we used the last test on her. When we had mild symptoms, we just isolated the recommended number of days.

    Feel better soon. xoxo

  5. We ordered some from the government but our local pharmacy had some so we got 6 to have on hand. (There are 4 of us in the house). We have an active case right now so we are quarantining and masking in the house. None of the rest of us have symptoms. We have all been vaccinated but the one who got it had not gotten the booster. Wonder if that makes a difference. When we found out my mom had it and had been with us at Christmas, we were able to get a test online through our medical insurance. And by the way, most medical insurances will reimburse for the covid test if you have to buy it from a pharmacy. Send in a claim.

  6. In my area, I’ve had very little trouble getting a covid test when needed or wanted. Mostly I go to my health insurer (I have Kaiser, and they have a drive through site a few miles from home) The one time the wait was a week, I was able to get in the next morning at a community testing site nearby. All pcr tests–very accurate but slower. Still waiting on both my state and fed rapid tests.

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