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digital ticket in an iphone wallet
A digital ticket in my iphone wallet.

I am new to digital tickets and they stress me out. For example, this ticket is in my iphone wallet for a football game that was last weekend. I don’t know how the ticket got there. I talked about going with a friend who was coming from Palm Springs for the game. But, I decided against it and we’ll join them at a game Thanksgiving weekend instead. So how did this ticket end up in my “wallet?”

My first encounter with digital tickets was to buy five tickets for the football game above. I made a mistake and bought tickets to the ASU vs. Stanford game. When I transferred tickets to my friend (I was buying them for her and her kids and my husband and myself) she texted me back and said I bought the wrong tickets.

I said no worries that the Ticketmaster website said there were refunds. But then I read the small print and the refunds are only for when an event is cancelled. Period. I was able to list the tickets for sale on Ticketmaster. Fortunately, the tickets sold and I got my money back.

I bought tickets for my husband, me and a friend who lives down the street for the NFL Cardinals vs. Panthers game, which is Sunday. My husband has been a huge Sam Darnold fan ever since Sam’s USC days. He was supposed to be the quarterback for the Panthers this weekend, but he shattered his shoulder last weekend.

I bought the tickets a couple months ago but couldn’t access them. That stressed me out because they are expensive and I didn’t know if they existed or not. It’s so nebulous. I like paper tickets. Something solid in my hands that I can touch.

Our friend has pneumonia and we uninvited him to the game. Now we have an extra ticket. Since I successfully sold the ASU vs. Stanford five tickets, I figured I could sell our extra ticket. But if I can’t access the tickets how can I sell them? Today, I was finally able to access the tickets. My hands shook while downloading the Ticketmaster app and listing a ticket for sale. Perhaps it’s because I made a mistake on the first go around is why digital tickets make me anxious.

What are your thoughts about digital tickets? Do you like paper tickets better? Or are you savvy and fine with digital tickets?

State Farm Stadium in Glendale AZ
State Farm Stadium, home to the AZ Cardinals and where I got my COVID shots.

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  1. Well, as a scrapbooker I love the paper tickets since I can put them in the album. When I have digital tickets I forget to take a screenshot so now I have nothing :(. The Mountain Winery and the SF Giants are the places we’ve used the digital form and I totally get you about not being able to access them. If you don’t remember your passwords to the sites, you can’t get the tickets. Good for you for being able to sell your extra tickets. I tried to do that for a couple of our concerts this year and wasn’t so lucky.

    • I can see why the paper tickets would be so much better for you. The digital tickets make me nervous! What if my phone dies? That’s why I always like to print plane tickets out.

  2. I agree with you. Last year at the middle school I worked out I went to a teacher meeting and everyone had thought to bring their phones as we were taking pics of the bar code to view a PowerPoint. It stressed me out and got in the way of the meeting for me. I brought paper and pencil.

  3. I always worry that my phone will unexpectedly act up and I won’t be able to access it. Many venues are simply not taking paper tickets anymore. Stress very high

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