Is there a limit of what we’ll do for our fur babies?

cat with pet grass
Olive with her first container of pet grass.

I worry about my cat’s happiness. It’s difficult to gauge if she’s depressed, feeling normal or happy. Cats don’t let you know much. At least this one doesn’t. I worry about Olive because she has spent 10 years as an indoor/outdoor creature and now she’s strictly indoors. I worry that she misses hiding in our bushes, laying in the grass, hunting for birds and insects.

A friend suggested I get a catio for her. We eventually will do that, but so far the people we’ve called to build one haven’t returned our calls. In the meantime, I saw “animal grass” at the grocery store and bought some. It’s a blend of different grasses including rye, oats, barley and alfalfa. I thought Olive would like to have a bit of nature inside with her.

Olive is wild for it. She rubs her face in it, chews on it and spends her days next to the grass. The bad news is it doesn’t last forever. I’ve gone through four or five containers and now the store doesn’t carry it.

So, on Amazon I ordered some cat grass from The Cat Ladies that I had to grow myself.

The Cat Ladies organic grass sprouting.
My cat grass sprouted in two days!

Then not to be outdone, my husband ordered a kitty pack online from Fresh Patch. So far the kitty likes the original animal grass best. I put her on the Fresh Patch and when I quit petting her she jumps off. But, she does lay down next to it. We are also tempting her with a container of her original best liked “Animal Grass Organic” on top of it.

Fresh Patch kitty patch of grass.
A Fresh Patch of grass for Olive.

Is there a limit to what we will do for our pets? Have you tried pet grass for your dogs or cats and how did they like it?

17 thoughts on “Is there a limit of what we’ll do for our fur babies?

  1. Ours are totally dependent on us for their entertainment. If we leave for 3 hours they just curl up; they won’t eat, play, or use the litter box. As soon as we get home they want to do everything all at once.

    • That’s funny. Are yours indoor all the time? Before we moved in December our kitty stayed outside at least 12 hours mostly at night. She curled up and slept inside in the daytime. It’s too dangerous to let her outside where we moved to and I worry about her being too cooped up.

      • Ours are indoors, and they seem to have gotten used to it. I wish we could have Schrodinger cats who could have the freedom of the outdoors and safety of the indoors simultaneously.

      • I’ve never heard of Schrodinger cats. I’ve had indoor outdoor cats all my life. Can you tell me what that is?

      • I think I spelled it wrong but I was making an allusion, in jest, to an observation in the area of quantum mechanics.

      • The only context I have of quantum mechanics is through Odd Thomas novels by Dean Koontz. Thanks for the enlightening comment.

  2. πŸ’œ This probably won’t help but maybe it will; age Affects Us ALL, perhaps We Weaken as ‘Grown Ups’ from The Loss of The Energy of Childhood and non-humans, like “cats” do age very differently from humans


      • πŸ’œ So perhaps it may be Settling In Time for Her SupaSoulSis; as far as I Understand it 1 human year is 7 dog years, I Don’t Know AnyThing about the ageing of cats


      • I just googled it after reading your comment. They are seniors at 11 years old. So, my kitty is 11 in the fall. Entering her slowing down years. Maybe she’s content to be inside now and not depressed or missing it.

      • πŸ’œ My Gran, My Mothers Mom, is on The Other Side of The World in The Aged Care of Her Daughter, My Mom and Content to Just Be; that ALL May Seem a Little (UnderStatement) Bit Convoluted but My Point is 3DLife is 3DLife…killing living creatures is totally anathema To Me; so when I Spray an insect I Rationalise with ‘Euthanise’ I Mean who on Earth would want to come back as a cockroach or other creepy crawly (some humans ARE like this) with death wishes…is this Morbid or Humouring; truth is I Don’t Know, Ask a Comedian πŸ€” ?


  3. You are truly a better pet parent than I ever was or probably ever will be. I loved our Love Birds and was heartbroken when one died. The other one traveled with us for several years until she also died. She rode on the dash and appeared to love traveling.

    • I’ve never had birds. I don’t know if I’d be a good bird parent or not. I’m sorry you lost your love birds. Our good friends have galahs they brought back with them from Australia more than 30 years ago. They had to give up their Aussie citizenships to bring them here when they moved to the US 30 years ago. Fascinating creatures.

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