Back in the thick of things

Mother and me in the 1990s.
Mom and me in the early 90s.

For Mother’s Day I’m visiting Mom. My daughter gave me the plane ticket as a Mother’s Day present. She remembered I said I wanted to visit my mom after this COVID thing allowed me to. My mom is in assisted living in a Seattle suburb. Since they only allow two people in assisted living at once, I had to make reservations each day visit Mom.

My daughter called me yesterday and asked for my schedule of visits. I asked her why? She said, “I know your mom is gong to be sad when you leave, so I’m going to call her when your visit is up.”

I got choked up. How thoughtful is that of a 25-year-old to think about her 89-year-old grandma in such a caring way.’

Today, my husband drove me to the airport. I was overwhelmed with the traffic there. Then the serpentine lines through security and marching orders being barked. It was almost overwhelming to me after a year of quiet solitude. My nerves calmed, I found my gate, and here I sit catching up on my blogging. I feel like things are back to normal, except for wearing a mask for hours on end.

I’m truly back in the thick of things.

mother and daughter at Pike Place Market Seattle
My daughter and me on our last trip to Seattle to visit my mom in 2019 pre COVID.

Have you traveled or done something “normal” at last? How did you feel?

10 thoughts on “Back in the thick of things

  1. I’m glad you get to see your mom. I will be two weeks past my second shot on Tuesday. My first “normal” will be a get together with friends on the 22nd and then I’m going to see my siblings at the end of June

  2. Congrats on seeing your mom! I’m seeing my parents this weekend. We are traveling for the first time at the end of the month. Looking forward

  3. The last four years seemed like forever! Just when things started to feel like the world would survive covid hit. This last year was so long. I feel for you not seeing your Mother. I am on the other end of that. It feels like forever since I could hug my kids! But on June 9th, my birthday, we will be together for a few days and hugs will be mucho grande as we all had our shots. So glad for you! I hope you were able to hug her and take hundreds of pictures for later. I also feel for you going out into the world that is so strange in just a year.

    • Definitely a strange year. I am so happy the assisted living allows visitors now. My kids came to visit us a few weeks ago and the hugs were wonderful!

  4. I’m new to your blog (I found you through LA). How sweet of your daughter to think of you and your mom in that way. I’m so glad to see posts like these in my feed. It feels like the world is slowly returning to “normal”, whatever normal looks like in the future. Sending you love as you visit your mom and as you travel back to your home.

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