I’m so easily entertained

Olive entertains me.

We had a few busy days with our son, his girlfriend and one of her sisters. They stayed with us for a long weekend in our new home. It was their first time to see our house and thankfully they seemed to really like it! That’s a relief, because when we sold our home of 28 years, my children threatened to never visit us again. We had great meals together, shared laughs, went for walks and hikes. We watched the sunset, the wildlife and toured the nearby town and farmer’s market. They drove from our house to the Grand Canyon for their first ever glimpse. They called the Grand Canyon life changing.

Now that they’ve returned to the Bay Area, I miss them. It felt so normal to have them here. My house and heart were full. I’m left alone with my husband — and thankfully our 10-year-old cat who is increasingly cuddly and entertains me with her antics.

Olive doesn’t know that the window is reflective on the outside and the bird can’t see her.

8 thoughts on “I’m so easily entertained

  1. Cats are so entertaining and so independent. It is always difficult for the grown kids to see us in a different environment. They will come around and realize that we have the same rights as they do. To live our own lives, and still love them.

    • Agree on both kids and cats! I’m thankful both my kids love our new home and especially the area we live in. It was hard for them to part with their childhood home and town.

  2. We blew up the old pool swan for my daughter when she recently came to visit with her boyfriend. After she left, the sight of the swan just sitting on the deck all alone made me so choked up we had to deflate it– immediately! Maybe I’ll always be like this..

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