Day One of “Shelter in Place”


Views from my neighborhood park.

I was pretty shaken up yesterday, but I’m pleased to report that I’m doing better today. I got my full walk in around the park and neighborhood before the rain started. I got to see a favorite neighbor of mine and chat while standing six feet apart. He said, “We’ll get through this.”

I got assigned a couple magazine stories by an editor and I think that helped me the most. I have a tight deadline and had to get busy. That kept me from turning on the news, watching the DOW, and reading all the headlines on the web rather than writing.

Life is pretty much the same for me as it is most days. I walk and then work from home. It’s nice to know my daughter is in the guest room working from home, too, right down the hall. My son is in the Bay Area and he’s under the same orders to shelter in place. He’s calling everyday to let me know he’s okay. I really appreciate that.

We will get through this. We have so many uncertainties ahead of us. That’s what gets me anxious. I try work through all the possibilities of what COULD happen and it gets me scared. It’s much better to stay busy at home while we are “sheltering in place.”


This cutie pie came home with my daughter. He and the cat are practicing social distancing.

What are you doing with your time if you’ve been asked to stay in your home?

2 thoughts on “Day One of “Shelter in Place”

  1. Workers Across Industries Struggling To Survive During Shelter-In-Place SAN FRANCISCO Local governments are doing what they can to help people who are out of work during the Bay Area shelter-in-place. That relief can t come soon enough for thousands of workers, especially in the service industry. Read More

    • Thank you for your comment. I hope relief comes soon! Two of my son’s girfriend’s sisters are professional violists. They play major concerts around the world and the US, plus many smaller concerts in San Francisco. They are out of work. Imagine being able to survive as a musician and have it all stop overnight?

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