17 Days After Surgery…Ouch!

My kiddos at PAC 12s after my ski incident/pre surgery.

It’s been more than two weeks since my new ACL was installed and my miniscus repaired. I looked at my post after week one and I was happy and positive. I still am, but I’m hurting! I’m thankful that my son was home for three days over last weekend and my daughter chose to come home for Spring Break. I don’t know what I’d do without my family during this long, frustrating recovery!

I do know how fortunate I am. We have insurance. It’s not life-threatening. I will get better. I have family and friends calling and taking care of me. I started this post out whining about the swelling and pain. Poor, poor pitiful me. My first physical therapy appointment was yesterday and leading up to it, I was feeling so good lately that I did too much. I realize this should be a post of gratitude! After all my PT, who I haven’t seen since before surgery, welcomed me back with a hug!

Others who are ill, all don’t have family around them. Nor do they have the same positive outcome to look forward to. Plus, this week I have Waffles, my daughter’s pug (and my daughter). I’m truly blessed. I’ll get through this stronger and with a better appreciation for what I do have.


Waffles, my daughter’s Pug.


2 thoughts on “17 Days After Surgery…Ouch!

  1. Hang in there! You are doing great!
    You will be 100% in no time!

    I know you are enjoying the time with your son and your daughter! Nothing warms a moms heart like having her babies under one roof!😊

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