Views from the neighborhood

Have a great week. Are you cooking for Thanksgiving or visiting friends?

48 thoughts on “Views from the neighborhood

  1. So pretty! I love the sunlight in the deer photo. We’re staying home, cooking small, and celebrating big. My husband ordered a turkey breast and gravy from a barbecue restaurant, and we’ll do the sides.

  2. Beautiful! The rain has been such a treat. We went for a sunrise walk a few days ago after the rain, where the sky was a vivid orange, pink, and purple. Of course we didn’t have our phones for a picture, but hopefully you saw it too. 😊

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pics to start the day, Elizabeth! We’re hosting – hubster Paul is doing a turkey on the grill and Lisa and I will be making meatballs and rigatoni for those who dislike turkey (me!) and we’ll have a few friends and family along with Delaney and her boyfriend. Sometimes we pick up a friend or two of Lisa’s, so if anyone’s in the neighborhood, come on over. We will absolutely have too much food. xo! 🥰

  4. …And we now interrupt our regular world programming to bring you beauty. Lovely skies! Looking out into the universe can really put life into perspective, doesn’t it? 💜

  5. We’ve been celebrating our anniversary in Arizona, at the annual Tucson ride, the desert is so beautiful. We’re celebrating with the Oreglia clan, all of us cook a portion of the meal. I’m responsible to make 10 pounds of mashed potatoes. Oh joy, Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, C

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