What I miss about my daughter

excited child at the beach
Kat at Carpinteria State Beach
close up of swimmer swimming butterfly
Kat swimming
precious baby kitten
Baby Olive
Kat in a dry suit at the beach with big brother Robert.
Kat in a dry suit at the beach with big brother Robert.
Kat making an entrance into the room.
Kat making an entrance into the room.

What are the little things you miss the most about your kids who have left home — or friends you no longer see very often?

38 thoughts on “What I miss about my daughter

  1. So relatable EA! I have so many fond memories of all three kids and it’s so fun to think back to those times- which mostly brings laughter. I know right now at the stage of life we are all in my #1 missing thing is one-to-one in person time to sit with each of them and simply talk.

    Video chats help, texting is too impersonal but at least it’s something. Phone calls are nice but hearing is not the same as seeing their faces and bodies react to the words we share.

    • Yes. I miss the in person time. We get short visits but they are never long enough. My daughter asked me to play Scrabble with her through an app and I’m enjoying the noise my phone makes when she’s had her turn. It’s another bit of connection.

  2. I love this! You may remember my last child flew the coop a few months ago. I missed so many things! And like you, I’m getting a reprieve from missing him because he’s coming back! I’m grateful it isn’t because of lockdowns! But the housing he had lined up near his new job fell through. He’s been couch surfing and applying to places, but nothing has panned out. So he’s flipping the script and coming back to where he has sure housing and applying for jobs instead. Your daughter sounds like a hoot! Kids are certainly blessings!

      • Yes! I’m wondering if it’ll be just as hard saying goodbye to him all over again or if I’ll be practiced this time. Lol. I’m sure that, after even the small taste of independence, he won’t stay longer this time than he needs to.

      • When we bought our Arizona house, we thought the casita would be perfect if either one of our kids needed to come home and wanted some independence. So far, no takers! I think it will be easier for you the next time he leaves, from my experience.

  3. Oh….”lallo”. I love that…almost as much as this: “Mom your purse is a gateway to hoarding.” Too funny! And what a treat to see a pic of baby Olive. Sigh. 🥰
    I think the thing I miss the most with daughter Delaney being out in the big world is just her presence. Even when she was quiet in the house, her heartbeat and essence were SO detectable at all times. We miss her goofball energy and her knack for calling us out about ANYTHING – with a smile and a wink. 😉🥰😉

    • That would be nice. Our kids like to visit when we lived in Palm Springs, but not Arizona. I think it was because they grew up in our home and it wasn’t too far of a drive from the Bay Area. Now we’re almost five hours further away.

  4. You’ve messed me up for the rest of the day Elizabeth. I may as well call it a day. I’m thinking about my kids now. I’m useless. Ha, ha. I’m kidding, but I hear you, I miss some of the same things about my three kids. It’s so hard to explain, it’s not one big thing about my kids that I miss. It’s all those things you mentioned and a million others. I don’t want to stifle my kids. I don’t want them to really come home and I’m not even sure that I’d want to go back if I could. It’s just an ache for what once was. Beautiful post, especially love the swimming photo. Such power and grace, beautiful shot.

  5. Ohhh, this is so sweet. You’ve hit me right in the heart about what I need to be paying attention to. And I love, “Mom your purse is a gateway to hoarding.” Hilarious!! Beautiful read, Elizabeth!

  6. What an adorable collection of childhood photos you have here! I can imagine them making you wax nostalgic at the drop of a hat. Lucky you. The “gateway to hoarding” comment is a hoot.

    • My daughter has taken several online comedy writing classes and has just finished a stand up in person class. She does have a fun sense of humor. She kept me laughing the entire time I was privileged to raise her.

    • I agree! I’m getting a visit from both mine in a few weeks. They have asked us to give up our social life until after they leave to protect DIL who will be between chemo treatments. No problem!

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