Who isn’t tech savvy?

Bondi Blue iMac.
The first iMac we bought for our kids in Bondi Blue.

I googled it and discovered this to be true.

What’s your experience with zoomers and computers? Do you find it strange that zoomers are not as computer literate as the generation before them?

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  1. I think ios were very different when it was either mac or windows. Whatever you had became familiar so I don’t know that it’s fair to generalize that certain groups don’t seem to know or understand computer use but that stereotype seems to be hanging on. I find it frustrating when aging folks are singled out as needing “classes and coaching” on how to use tech, and I suppose “zoomers” may feel the same. My grands are proficient on the phone but as they are using tech all the time now in school they’ve adapted well. If you have a curious mind and enjoy figuring things out the challenge can be a lot of fun even when you don’t know something on your first try.

    • Good points. My dad who is 91 is quite proficient with his iphone and macbook. Yes, he does have trouble and needs help from time to time. But think when he was young, they had an ice truck to deliver ice for the ice box! Think about how much change he’s gone through in his life. I haven’t kept up with technology like I did when I was employed and it was part of my work in marketing and PR. I was also having to learn new things.

      • That’s just it EA- we ALWAYS have and need to learn new things! That is simple curiosity at it’s best, not something to be based on lack or inability because of age or generation. No defined generation knows everything so it’s frustrating when folks who grew up with specific technology feel everyone else before or after is lacking somehow just because they aren’t “experts”. That’s how stereotyping and bias begin, when we stop understanding that everyone knows something- even one small thing, that other people don’t. We are all experts at something in life, just not necessarily the same things! 🙂

      • I love that. ” We are all experts at something in life, just not necessarily the same things!” Yes, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we have to learn new things because of a job or project we’re involved with. Other times, it’s our own curiosity. For exaple, when I moved to the desert, I was intent on learning about plants because they are so different than where I’ve lived before.

      • I like that! There’s always something we can learn from pretty much everyone if we just take the time to learn it!

        It reminds me of that old story that if you test everyone’s agility by their ability to climb trees, then fish and kangaroos are going to be judged poorly 🙂 Doesn’t mean they can’t teach us swimming and jumping!

        Well said!

  2. My grandson is a zoomer according to this classification. But since he does all his schoolwork on a laptop, he is quite proficient on all times tech.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been a Mac girl since the beginning. Got my first Mac as a surprise Xmas gift from my hubby in 1995. Used it to help figure out that we could afford a down payment on a house if we sold some stock! Interestingly, the kids were against Macs and said that “everyone” used the other kind, including the school. Now, they are all Mac owners, including their phones, proving once again that Mom was/is right – LOL

    • You’re exactly like me! We got Macs at work for desktop publishing in PR and marketing. When we could afford it, in 1993, I got my own. I tried to get my husband to buy Apple stock and he bought a few shares. He thought, like everyone else, when Microsoft came out with Windows, Apple would go under. If he had invested $5,000 to $10,000 we’d be worth more than $40 million!

  4. I remember that computer. It was cute, reminded me a bit of Rosie the maid on The Jetsons. I know zoomers love their phones. I’m hoping to live long enough to see them hit the bifocal stage of life and not be able to read a darned thing on those small phone screens. Like how I live now.

  5. LOL. Gotta love the view points of multi generationals. I am a last year Boomer but I grew up with computers. I was a total geek then and nothing has changed (my books case: VBA, C, C++, HTML5, 10 technical books on SAP and the list goes on). I often find myself demonstrating with millennials and zoomers. I laugh because I still get the “how did you do that” questions. I’m just not normal and your son’s comments about zoomers is nuts on. My wife calls me a loser. LOL

  6. I see the leaning away from desktops, laptops, computers…the ‘youngsters’ love using high-powered phones to do it all and the functional skills about computing aren’t part of the vocab. I’m also seeing the hints of how AI is highlighting the attitude of ‘the machine should just KNOW how to do it’ without needing to speak any sort of tech/computer language to do the programming. Such a great post, Elizabeth. Super timely, I’d say. And I love Ally’s memory lane moment about Rosie from the Jetsons. She had it going on, didn’t she?? 🥰😎🥰

  7. Wuhoo! They are married!! And that iMac – so cool!! What an interesting post but it makes sense that Zoomers (I hadn’t heard that term) don’t know their way around a laptop. Huh – funny1

    • It is funny! I never heard the term zoomers before either. We were so sad we didn’t get to attend the wedding. It was last minute with people in their “pod” which included our daughter and DIL’s siblings. It was outdoors of a courthouse and the photos looked beautiful. We didn’t want to insist on going and chance bringing germs while she’s beginning chemo. I had one day of feeling sad. Now I am so happy for them 💕

      • I can understand the sad/happy feelings around that. I saw a picture on IG – looked beautiful. Perhaps when she’s through chemo there can be a bigger celebration?

      • I’m glad you saw the photos! The original plan was for a wedding in Santa Barbara, August 2024 (They met at UCSB.) The new plan is to have a celebration in Santa Barbara when they were planning on getting married.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I’m finally catching up on blogs today and I had to search for yours because it was not showing up on my feed? I thought maybe you were taking a writing break but then I found all these posts! WP can be tricky sometimes especially when it comes to your feed. Interesting, I haven’t heard of the term Zoomers, but I agree they were born with a phone in their hand. Makes total sense. Hugs, C

    • It’s WP glitches. LA’s blog doesn’t show up on my feed periodically. There’s a couple others who I thought quit blogging but I looked them up individually and there they are!

  9. I find that many of the teachers I work with use their phones constantly to connect. They are very adept with texting but sometimes the meaning is lost. One class is eating up learning how to use microsoft excel and make files, etc. One student in the class told me he was practicing typing skills online and was impressed I can type 50 wpm. Perhaps lost arts return.

  10. If the “thumbers” ever need to learn how to write and send a proper email to multiple folks, they’ll need to resort to a computer, right?Otherwise, aren’t they just a little crippled—especially in the business world? And how do they do school papers? But hey—some of us are in the silent generation (that means we’re pretty old), so what do we know? Oh wait—we DO know how to use a computer, or else we would not be blogging buddies. Some kids can’t read cursive either, because schools stopped teaching it. We learn what we need to know when we need to know it.

    • You make some good points. I love the term “thumbers.” You gave me a good laugh. Think of how we had cursive, spelling, math, maps — all without electronic help! We also wrote papers for school using the library card catalogue and Dewey Decimal System.

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