Waiting to hatch

Here’s a quail selfie from my Bird Buddy AI bird feeder.

Twice this week I spotted baby quail. Once was on our morning walk and a mom and dad were followed by the teeniest quail babies I’ve ever seen. They must have hatched that day.

Yesterday afternoon, a family of quail marched into our backyard from the wash. They were a little older and didn’t stay long enough for me to get a video or picture.

I immediately ran to the front of our house to see if our quail eggs had hatched.

quail eggs in a nest

Our nest of eggs in a planter of Elephant Feed.

No, the eggs are still there and it’s been a month since I’ve seen a momma or papa quail in the nest.

Unfortunately, the quail chose a planter next to our garage. At first, I’d see quail fly away when I’d pull into the garage or back the car out. Raising the garage door was enough noise to make the parents take flight.

I’m afraid the quail were scared away and they abandoned their nest. Or something could have happened to them. It’s a wild world out there. I’ve read what to do with eggs to get them to hatch. The most sensible advice is to wait and see. I also realize that I’m not opening the garage door very often. Maybe the quail parents are there, but not when I’m there.

Does anyone have advice while I wait for our eggs to hatch? Do you think the nest has been abandoned?

36 thoughts on “Waiting to hatch

  1. Google says 18 days to hatch. Has it been that long since they were laid? …I think sadly these may be goners 🙁

  2. The quails I’ve had nesting typically don’t leave the nest until the eggs hatch, or the return quickly if they get spooked. I think the eggs need to be kept very warm to hatch, so they probably won’t hatch. So sad.

  3. Wow, that’s a huge investment on the mom’s part to abandon, but it seems to be so. Even sadder is when nestlings die. I watched a red-tailed hawk allow it’s young to die in a snowstorm after its mate went missing. When it comes to living wild, a live adult is more precious than new young. The adult can always try again the next year.

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