Saguaros in bloom

This year is fascinating with all the blooming cacti and plants. This is my third spring in Arizona and it’s truly amazing. I’m sure it was the rainy winter we had that is encouraging all the plant life to come alive with flowers. Right now the saguaros are blooming, something I didn’t see much of the past two years.

We have a nature’s preserve across the street and it’s gorgeous to see saguaros topped with white flower crowns. They remind me of the floral crowns we swim moms ordered for my senior day for my daughter’s college swim team.

Saguaros topped with white crowns of flowers at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

A saguaro in bloom at a neighbor’s house.

In our back yard.

What unusual plants, flowers or wildlife have you seen this spring? Did you have more rain or snow than in the past few years?

21 thoughts on “Saguaros in bloom

  1. I was walking yesterday and my typical route goes past an older cottage type home. The owner’s entire front yard is filled with plants and flowers. I call it the English Country Garden. I spotted something I’ve never seen before. Pink flowers, tall stems, odd furry sort of leaves. Maybe it was a weed, I don’t really know. The plant was weird but the flowers were lovely.

  2. Love the cactus pics! We had a very wet spring around here but we’ve been days and days without rain in the Midwest…things are starting to look a little crispy but all the usual blooms are adding fragrance to our yard…the lilacs are healthier than they’ve been in years and we have no idea why! Maybe all the wet weather early on? Thanks for sharing the pics, Elizabeth! 🥰

  3. I loved seeing them bloom when I worked at Saguaro Lake. In your pics some of them look like they’re holding bouquets, too!

    When I was driving home last week, I saw places covered in spring flowers that are usually quite barren. On a bike ride today, I noticed a milk vetch that was new to me and quite attractive.

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