It’s Friday!

Olive blocked me from packing on my way out of town.

Whenever I get my suitcase out, Olive jumps in. She does’t like it when I’m gone. Usually it means she gets boarded. When we left for a week at Christmas, we took her to a new boarding place. The one she had been to before and was kind of used to went out of business. The last place was brand new and had three-story cat condos with holes to climb through to the different levels. The top floor had a TV.

Olive freaked out. I got calls that she wasn’t eating, drinking water which meant her other bodily functions weren’t happening.

Eventually they moved her into a storage closet, away from the other cats. That settled her down.

In Olive’s mind, when the suitcase comes out, something bad will happen.

Olive wasn’t taking any chances. She slept in the suitcase for hours.

Today I’m headed home to my husband and Olive. Thank you for helping me through my week!

What are your plans for this weekend?

26 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Oh, what cute pictures. But 3-story cat condos with a tv on the top level. I think I might to check into that place for a week!

    So glad you are going home to your husband and Olive after a big week. Safe travels!

  2. Oh I had to comment on a story about a cat in a suitcase. Once upon a time we had a cat who could be Olive’s doppelgänger and she’d lay claim to any open suitcase. Loved her, love Olive.

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