What’s up with trash?

This is the sidewalk outside our development where we walked.

On Saturday, my husband and I walked outside our neighborhood development on a sidewalk that took us two miles to the end of the road. It’s not a very busy road and across the street is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve with 130 miles of hiking trails. It’s a beautiful view looking out across the pristine desert.

But we noticed it wasn’t so pristine. We kept spotting trash. Beer bottles, coke cans, styrofoam cups and eventually a plastic grocery bag. My husband picked up the bag and began to fill it with trash as we walked.

Soon, the trash bag was full. On the way back home, I spotted a full grocery bag on the side of the road. Somebody had picked up trash but left the bag on the ground. I picked that one up and we took the trash back to our garbage can.

The next day, we decided to take the same walk and pick up trash. I wore latex gloves and we each carried a trash bag. We filled up our bags and got most of the trash.

I want to know who litters like that? I’m sure it’s not coming from our neighborhood. Next door is a country club with huge homes. I’m pretty sure it’s not coming from there. The road is a hot spot for cyclists. I’m also convinced it’s not the cyclists tossing trash. Are the litterbugs people driving through or workers like gardeners, repairmen and construction workers? Or is it kids? Who does that?

Do you notice trash where you walk or live? Who do you think litters?

23 thoughts on “What’s up with trash?

  1. We have a problem with litter as well, but it seems to start in retail parking lots. We have even seen trash dumped ad nauseum that included used diapers. That defines “Ghetto”

  2. What a great service you and your husband did for the trails, the community, and the landscape. I noticed when we were walking the Camino that is was pristine. I commented to Larry about how clean the trails were. We found out later that groups in the community sponsor parts of the Camino and walk the trails regularly to pick up trash. We thought that was really cool. I’m going to do that next time Larry and I walk the par course. You’re inspiring me! Hugs, C

    • How awful would it be to have the Camino covered with trash? We don’t remember that much trash two years ago when we moved here. But it was during the pandemic. It’s a little thing we can do to help out. It makes our walk purpose filled.

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